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All Race Replacement LUAs

Author: Grimnar42 (Submitted by Grimnar42)
Category: Skinning and Modding Resources
Version: 1.3 Size: 939KB
Description: A package of all of the LUAs for all four standard Dawn of War races so that you can easily create your own copied race.

If you want to create a race that is largely identical to one of the existing races then you could use inheritance to get all of the existing attributes for your cloned race and then make sure that you override all of the race-specific attributes (e.g. animator). This would be the best way, but has many unknowns and could cause problems with the AI.

The other alternative is to use Grimnar's LUAs and start with a perfect copy of the races from Dawn of War 1.3. This is the method currently being used by v1.0 of the "Halved Space Marines as a Race" mod.

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Added: 06/09/2005 Downloads: 691


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