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BobaHat's Fluffy Orks

Author: BobaHat (Submitted by BobaHat)
Category: Orks
Version: 1.0 Size: 20MB
Description: A complete reskin of the Orks (including buildings) that makes them closer to the classic table top style.

From the author:

This is a complete re-skin for the entire ork race in DoW (including WA and DC - so it includes Mega Armoured Nobz and Flash Gitz!).

All units and structures have been modified to be more fluffy:

  • All eyes are now permanently red
  • Tank tops are primary
  • Armour is secondary
  • Checks and decorations are trim colour
  • Weapons and top-knots are weapon colour
  • Trousers are trim 2 colour
  • Warboss is now completely teamcolourable. His armour is secondary like da boyz.
  • Trukks and Traks are now mainly red with yellow flames (red ones go fasta!). Weapons and drivers are teamcolourable.
  • All structures have been modified to fit the same pattern.

File contents: WTP texture files for all Ork units and buildings/structures, plus readme.

Rating: 4.6 from 8 votes (2 comments)
Added: 22/09/2007 Downloads: 1281


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