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Dark Angels 3rd Company

Author: Weriti (Submitted by Weriti)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 0.8 Size: 2MB
Description: A 'codex' Dark Angels skin that lets you colour the Terminator, Land Speeder and Space Marines in the correct colours for their companies.

From the author:

The Team colors of the space marines, the Land Speeder and the Terminators were altered to look like Codex Dark Angels ones.

The Space Marine armor is completely primary color, the Land Speeder is secondary and Terminators are trim color. I suggest primary Dark Angel Green, secondary black and trim white.

File contents: WTP texture files for the Space Marine, Terminator and Land Speeder, plus readme.

Note: This download is not a standard ZIP or RAR. You will need to download 7-Zip or another compatible program to extract the textures.

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Added: 21/07/2008 Downloads: 432


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