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Leman Russ with no markings

Author: Iron_Father (Submitted by Iron_Father)
Category: Imperial Guard
Version: 1.0 Size: 2MB
Description: The original Leman Russ texture with a reduced number of markings.

Following a request for a 'non-Cadian' Leman Russ, Iron_Father has remove all markings from the texture that are not Imperial Eagles.

From the author:

These files were extracted directly from the SGA archive of the game and modified further from there. The Star on the Hull has been removed along with the skull on the rear left tread and turret. The odd looking 'C' has also been removed from the turret.

File contents: WTP texture files for the Leman Russ, plus readme.

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Added: 27/10/2007 Downloads: 162


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