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MEGAzogg army scheme pack

Author: MEGAzogg (Submitted by MEGAzogg)
Category: Army Schemes
Version: 1.0 Size: 191KB
Description: A variety of badges, banners and associated colour schemes for the Space Marines, Pre-Heresy Chaos Space Marines and Imperial Guard.

From the author:

I used some graphical elements from Hangar-8's b&b sets in my own, so the credits for this goes to him. This used elements are:

  • the scroll on AA banner, skull on AA badges 2 and 3 and the pile of skulls on banner (used rescaled Blood Legion badge)
  • the skull on Valhallan 33rd (taken from h-8's Mortificators b&b).

The download contains the following:

  • Angels of Absolution: 3 badges, two banners and a .teamcolour
  • Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion: 2 badges and two banners (previously released under the name Dakka!Dakka!)
  • Relictors: 3 badges, 1 banner and a .teamcolour
  • Valhallan Ice Warriors: 3 badges, 5 banners and 2 .teamcolours for two regiments
  • Avenging Sons: 2 banners

Screenshots will be added soon.

File contents: 11 badges, 12 banners, 4 .teamcolours and a readme. See above for a full list.

Rating: 4.0 from 1 votes (0 comments)
Added: 13/10/2006 Downloads: 1139


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