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Tau Army Skin

Author: LedMirage (Submitted by LedMirage)
Category: Tau
Version: 1.0 Size: 20MB
Description: An almost complete retexture of the Tau race, including almost all of the units and most of the buildings.

From the author:

This is a texture replacement set for almost every Tau army unit and building in the game, there are too many individual changes to list but here is an overview of the changes included:

  • All Tau Units, Vehicles and most of their Buildings now have fully working Army Badges.
  • Adjustments in color layers all around to have a consistant theme for the whole army.
  • Crisis Battlesuit textures extensively worked on as it needed a lot of work to match the details found in other units.
  • Trim Color 2 is exclusively used as the Kroot Units skin color.
  • Trim Color 1 is used in the Kroot Units as their eye color.
  • The underbelly for all Kroot units is now a fixed texture and can't be changed with army colors, this prevents undesirable color combinations.
  • Created a replacement set for all the existing Tau Army Badges and Banners which are setup to be used properly by the default armies now that Badges work properly.
  • Added a new Badge set based on the original army badges but inversed (white with black).

The only units not modified are the Stealthsuits, Pathfinders and Vespids. They are on the "To do" list.

File contents: WTP textures as listed above, plus readme and thirty screenshots.

Rating: 5.0 from 4 votes (4 comments)
Added: 15/01/2008 Downloads: 1911


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