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Uber Painter Mod for Dawn of War

Author: IBBoard (Submitted by IBBoard)
Category: Mods
Version: 1.0 Size: 21KB
Description: The Uber-Painter is just like the other Army Painter mods, only with even more features. Useful for creating those custom colour schemes, even more useful for skinners!

Note: an updated version of this mod is now available.

The Uber-Painter Army Painter mod is both new and improved. It includes a whole new range of paints (all of the colours that Games Workshop made, perfectly matching their website list) and a better list of previews than any Army Painter mod before it.

Now, as well as viewing all of your units in the Army Painter, you can also view all of a race's buildings!

File Contents: Dawn of War compatible mod and readme (a Winter Assault version is also available).

Update (15th January): The download now includes the .bat file that can be used to start the mod, just as the readme says it should!

Rating: 4.9 from 7 votes (2 comments)
Added: 11/01/2006 Downloads: 2614


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