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Halved Space Marines (Complete) by IBBoard (9 comments)

By Guest on 29/10/2005 (Rating: N/A):
i don't work! :(

Reply from IBBoard: In what way doesn't it work? How have you tried installing it?

This texture definately works, as you can see from the fact that so many people have downloaded it and that I've managed to get the screenshots. If you are having problems, then please contact me.

Vote nulled.

By Guest on 29/10/2005 (Rating: 5):
Well what i think is they should some what tell us how to install it cause i dont know what im doing with the download... hehe guess there is a away to find out.

Reply from IBBoard: For installation instructions, please read the readme included in the zip:

"If you don't use the Dawn of War Pattern Switcher put the .WTP files directly into the W40k\Data\art\ebps\races\space_marines\texture_share folder (creating all of the folders if they don't exist)."

If you have any other problems, please contact me

By Guest on 18/01/2006 (Rating: 3):
is there any way of making it work with winter assault with the 1.41 patch

Reply from IBBoard: Yes, just install it exactly the same as the instructions say. All skins from Dawn of War should work exactly the same in Winter Assault, even patched to v1.41. The only exception will be the Chaplain, who won't be skinned because he isn't included in the pack.

By Guest on 04/04/2006 (Rating: 5):

By Guest on 13/04/2006 (Rating: N/A):
i give it 1 because well yuo can't downloed it which is *censored*!!! and it always comes up u have a wrong zipp!!!! its annoying me now!!!! and the things u need what the hell does it mean?

Reply from IBBoard: Firstly, expletives removed and vote nulled (along with your second vote where you voted 5 and gave it the same comment - that has been deleted).

Assuming you are the azagames@yahoo who sent me a message through the contact form (which didn't specify what download you were trying), I have already replied to your email. With over 1,300 people having downloaded it and only one rather vague complaint before, I think the issue is with your computer or your ISP. Either that or you are using some form of file downloader, which is banned on this site as mentioned on the page that it would give you. I have just successfully downloaded and opened the Zip without a problem.

As for "the things u [sic] need", what things? With this skin pack, all you need is the skin pack. Install it in the correct place and all Space Marines will become Halved Space Marines.

If you have any more comments, please use the contact form and contact me directly.

By Guest on 27/11/2006 (Rating: N/A):
Hi! I like this very much (if it works :) )... my question: does it work on Dark crusade?

Reply from IBBoard: Yes, all skins should work in Dark Crusade. The only difference when using skins with Dark Crusade is that you should put them under the "Dawn of War - Dark Crusade" folder instead of the "Dawn of War" folder. Some skins may also need to be in the DXP2 folder instead of the W40K folder, but that'll depend on whether the skin is updated in Dark Crusade.

I'll add this as an FAQ point.

By Guest on 16/01/2007 (Rating: 5):

By Guest on 30/05/2007 (Rating: 5):
oh my god man !! the colour it adds the punch you want to your army that you ant to get ya noticed very well done !! cary on with you colour schemes

By Guest on 17/07/2008 (Rating: 4):
Looks and works great. A top Mod


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