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Uber Painter Mod for Dark Crusade by IBBoard (6 comments)

By Guest on 08/11/2006 (Rating: 5):
awseome mod!! I personaly like it more than the other uperpainters (DoW and WAs)

one thing though, if you play the mod, then go back to playing normal DC campain, all of your commander wargear choices have been taken away, you still have the points for them, its just thier not selected as anything (sorry if thats confusing)

it's kinda cool though if you made a choive you didn't like >.<

thanks again

you are t3h awseome!! W00T!!!

Reply from IBBoard: Glad you like it.

With regards the upgrades, if you mean you played some of the campaign under UberPainterDC and then switched back to vanilla DC then it's to be expected. The same thing happens with all mods, as each mod has its own progress/settings saved separately. If you meant vanilla DC progress is lost after going to UberPainterDC and then back to DC I'll have to investigate.

By Guest on 10/11/2006 (Rating: 5):
Well it's about time you got your hands on DC and made this mod, IB. :D Thanks!

By Guest on 19/11/2006 (Rating: 5):
Cool it rocks ! Soleil_Rouge

By Guest on 26/06/2007 (Rating: 5):
One of the best mods for Dawn of War and it's superb it's now on Dark Crusade!
(Users note: You can use your .teamcolor files from the original DC by going Profiles/ProfileX/w40k/Schemes and copying them to the Uber directory in /Profiles

By Guest on 22/08/2007 (Rating: 5):

By Guest on 29/04/2010 (Rating: 4):
I dont know where to put the File


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