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New texture fix from mdcertainty

No Dawn of War game seems quite complete without a minor texture error or two. mdcertainty has now fixed another graphical bug in Soulstorm with his Sisters of Battle Chainblade fix, which adds some transparency to the chainsword blades so that the teeth are separated and don't have a sheet of black between them.

Thanks to mdcertainty for continuing to support and improve Dawn of War!

By IBBoard on 1st November 2009, 20:27

Minor fix to recent downloads

Following a comment on the Iybraesil Craftworld download by Shas'el Alt'ae, I've made a minor update to all three of the recent contributions. These are nothing major and can be performed manually: 1) fixed the badge/banner paths in the .teamcolour file (users can select the badges manually in the Army Painter), 2) fixed references to the "eldar race" folder (should be "eldar_race").

By IBBoard on 19th October 2009, 18:29

Iybraesil Craftworld army scheme available

Shas'el Alt'ae is on a roll now, having released the Iybraesil Craftworld Army Scheme. Iybraesil are one of the newer Craftworlds in Games Workshop's texts and use a blue and white colour scheme.

By IBBoard on 17th October 2009, 09:18

Lugganath Craftworld army scheme released

Shas'el Alt'ae has already returned with a second Eldar Craftworld army scheme (a badge, banner and .teamcolour combination). This time, the Lugganath army scheme provides the iconography and colours for the orange and black Craftworld who have close ties with the Harlequins.

Both of Shas'el Alt'ae's submissions have pictures of the badge and banner on the download page. Screenshots of the colour scheme will be added soon.

By IBBoard on 8th October 2009, 19:52

Il-Kaithe army scheme now available

A new artist has arrived on the scene with an update of the Il-Kaithe Craftworld army scheme. The badge, banner and .teamcolour pack from Shas'el Alt'ae updates the appearance of one of Dawn of War's new Craftworlds to bring it up to date with Games Workshop's latest imagery.

This may just be the start, though - it seems like Shas'el Alt'ae still has a few more ideas to come!

By IBBoard on 4th October 2009, 19:07

New UI icons from mdcertainty

The community has gone a bit quiet, but mdcertainty is still going! After a brief delay where the icons got lost, we now have two brand new sets of UI/HUD icons from mdcertainty: the Tau icon set and the Imperial Guard icon set.

By IBBoard on 10th August 2009, 20:17

Pending downloads declined

Today, a user called "Hannes" submitted a "85th Vendoland Badge" from Dawn of War 2 as a raw TGA image without a readme. Unfortunately we've had to decline the download as an image on its own doesn't conform to our submission guidelines.

Also, one of our long-standing pending downloads has also been removed. CornCobMan has had his Team Colourable Imperial Guard Commissar in the pending queue for five and a half months! All that was required to get it approved was a brief message to provide the missing information from his readme, but CornCobMan seems not to care about his download and abandoned it in the queue. Rather than leave it there any longer, it has now been removed.

If anyone has any Dawn of War or Dawn of War 2 contributions that they'd like to submit then please make sure that you follow our simple submission guidelines before submitting your work to make sure that we can approve it quickly.

By IBBoard on 26th June 2009, 20:05

Modding community uninterested in Dawn of War 2

As we head towards twelve weeks since I announced that Skins@HWT would be hosting Dawn of War 2 content, we've still not had any contributions from the community. The two users I contacted about their textures haven't responded, and no-one has made any comment about the lack of downloads available for Dawn of War 2.

The download areas for Dawn of War 2 content will remain on the site for now, but it appears that overall the community much prefers Dawn of War for all of its modding and texturing interests.

By IBBoard on 16th June 2009, 10:12

Skins@HWT introduces DoW2 downloads

About fifty days ago it looked like we wouldn't be supporting Dawn of War 2 because of its lack of customisation. It's amazing how things change.

The community appears to be very resourceful, and Relic have designed the game in such a way that mini-mods can still be made for it. The hooks were presumably left to add expansion packs, but people like Jaylo138 have used them to create graphics mods.

Watch this space for our first Dawn of War 2 download

By IBBoard on 28th March 2009, 15:45

New texture fix and a new tag

mdcertainty has released another texture fix, this time for the Dark Eldar Banner. As well as fixing some pixel clashes, mdcertainty has also tidied up the banner to improve the visibility of the chosen banner image.

Prompted by another texture that fixes a problem that the Relic/IronLore/THQ Quality Assurance process missed, I've also now added an additional tag to the download tag cloud. All textures containing fixes for problems in the original textures are tagged with the Texture Fix tag and so can be more readily located.

By IBBoard on 25th February 2009, 19:42

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