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Dark Eldar icon set released

mdcertainty is at it yet again and has released another icon set. This time the Dark Eldar have got a brand new icon set that replaces and improves the quality of the original HUD icons in Soulstorm.

Thanks to mdcertainty for submitting another icon set, the fifth race he has made an icon set for. Only four more races to go!

By IBBoard on 1st May 2008, 19:40

Pending files declined

As I warned recently, the pending files from UnderYurShoe have now been moved to our declined list since the author seemingly did not care enough about his contributions to get in contact with us.

The other pending downloads (from Radulykan) beat the purge and have already been released.

By IBBoard on 1st May 2008, 19:20

Two specularity packs and a Daemon Prince

Kelembribor21 has released his first texture - a Daemon Prince with black skin instead of red. All of the other team colouring should be as it was.

Radulykan has now updated his specularity pack readmes and so the Penitent Engine and Sisters of Battle infantry specularity packs are now available. Some people really like the extra shine on their units, but if you download this or any other specularity pack then be warned that it is processor intensive and can cause lag on some machines (and not necessarily just bottom of the range machines).

Thanks to both for their submissions, and to Radulykan for getting back to us to update his submissions. There are still other downloads from other authors pending because they have not complied with our submission guidelines. If you are one of those authors then please contact us.

By IBBoard on 26th April 2008, 09:22

Download requirements - another reminder

As mentioned several times already this year, Skins@HWT has a set of submission guidelines that all submitters agree to when they submit their work. While these guidelines do add a small amount of extra work, the trade-off is tiny in comparison to the help it provides trying to track down the author to make corrections or gain permission for re-use.

Unfortunately these guidelines don't seem to be being followed by some recent submitters. Read on for more detail about the problem and the tiny amount of effort required to avoid it.

By IBBoard on 23rd April 2008, 19:55
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Pending files approaching deletion

As mentioned previously, there are still some pending file submissions from Radulykan and UnderYurShoe that are approaching their deletion.

All of the current submissions from these two authors will be deleted at the end of the month unless they get in contact with me and provide the required updates. It would be a shame to lose the content, but we have a set of rules about what can be uploaded and what uploads must contain. If authors do not care about their creations enough to supply the required items then we cannot accept them as we will not bend the rules.

If you know either of the authors, please ask them to get in contact with me before the end of the month to make the appropriate changes to their submissions.

If either of the authors reads this after the end of the month then please feel free to re-submit your corrected downloads, or contact me to find out what you need to correct before re-submitting.

By IBBoard on 23rd April 2008, 19:37

Updated Ecclesiarchal Chapel - take two

Diviator has released another update for his Ecclesiarchal Chapel. This time he has fixed a few black pixels on the roof that become more obvious with brighter Secondary colours.

By IBBoard on 8th April 2008, 18:46

Hangar-8 updates and camo-less vehicles

Hangar-8 has been busy in recent weeks working his magic on Soulstorm. After a bit of a delay, I've added his Golden Eagles Force Commander hotfix for Soulstorm and Golden Eagles Sisters of Battle to our list of textures. If anyone knows of any other final releases I've missed, please contact me.

Also released today are a set of Khaki Guard Vehicles. As requested a while ago, the vehicles, like the recent Khaki Guardsmen, don't use camo. Instead the areas that were camo are all coloured purely by Primary.

By IBBoard on 6th April 2008, 08:50

Record transfer for March

March saw the largest amount of data transferred in Skins@HWT's history - over 125% of our monthly allowance! Yes, that's right, Skins@HWT on its own used our monthly bandwidth allowance and an additional quarter, and Soulstorm wasn't even available for the first week of the month.

April looks like it might continue in a similar pattern to March, so we may see another high download month. It will be interesting to see how Dawn of War 2 spikes the downloads in a year's time, when it is released.

Read on for information about supporting the site...

By IBBoard on 5th April 2008, 17:40
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Dawn of War 2 officially announced

I posted it on the forums last night, but I'll announce it here as well. THQ have now officially announced Dawn of War 2 and say it will be released in Spring 2009.

Skins@HWT will require some work to differentiate the downloads but we will, of course, support Dawn of War 2 when it is released with a full range of badges, banners, textures, tutorials and tools. We will also continue to support Dawn of War and its expansion packs until demand disappears.

By IBBoard on 4th April 2008, 06:15

Texture fixes, new textures and updated icons

A bunch of new releases are now available:

Thanks to all of the authors for their submissions.

By IBBoard on 3rd April 2008, 19:18

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