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Texture fixes for Soulstorm

Seaglen has released another texture. This time it is a small fix for the Fighta-Bomma that makes the checks plain black and white. Seemingly either Relic or Iron Lore decided to at least partially cover the checks with the primary colour as well.

Also in the pipeline is a big pack (over 4MB zipped) of fixes for Soulstorm from Tyre. They've been announced as they have been done on the RelicNews forums, but Tyre will soon be submitting them to Skins@HWT.

By IBBoard on 2nd April 2008, 20:56

'No camo' Guardsmen

In an attempt to catch up with some of the requests on the forum (which Seaglen is also helping with) I've made some Khaki Guardsmen. The Guardsmen and Kasrkin are part of a request to remove the camo from the Imperial Guard.

In other news, we've still got a number of pending downloads. If nothing is heard from Spartan112 by the end of the month then the Devil Dogs will be removed from the list. Radulykan and UnderYurShoe's downloads have until the end of April to contact me and/or update their downloads to comply with our submission guidelines.

By IBBoard on 30th March 2008, 14:16

Updated Ecclesiarchal Chapel

Diviator has now released an update to his Ecclesiarchal Chapel. The update contains some fixes for pixel clashes (overlaps of colour that can lead to very bright patches of seemingly random colour).

Diviator is also currently working on some other models for the Sisters of Battle, which will hopefully arrive at some point in the future.

By IBBoard on 30th March 2008, 10:15

New Chaos icon set for Soulstorm

mdcertainty has now released another version of his Chaos icon set. The Chaos Icon Set v1.2 updates the icons for Soulstorm and makes some other changes.

Thanks to mdcertainty for also supplying a screenshot, hosted on his own account with an image host.

By IBBoard on 28th March 2008, 19:22

Hidden content - planning the metamaps

I've just added a new article about some hidden content I discovered in Soulstorm - planning sketches for the Soulstorm metamap.

The graphics aren't amazing and the colours are a bit odd, but some people (like me) will find it interesting to see how it developed and how the map was originally planned.

By IBBoard on 25th March 2008, 21:09

Screenshots added to recent uploads

After having got seriously backlogged with screenshots that need to be taken, cropped, thumnailed and added I've finally managed to get some screenshots added to the most recent downloads.

If anyone has any other screenshots that could be used for downloads that are missing them then please contact me. If you've previously sent in screenshots and I've not added them then please email me a reminder so I can dig them out of the pile of images.

By IBBoard on 21st March 2008, 20:31

Green Kroosade on the rampage

Snikkbad's Green Kroosade banner for the Orks involved in Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade is now available for download.

The new Sisters of Battle and Canoness textures from UnderYurShoe would have been released as well, but the re-submissions still can't be approved as the author did not get in contact with me to find out what needed changing.

For the future reference of everyone, if the notes on the pending page say to get in contact with us then please use the Contact Us form and actually contact us. In the long run it will save both your time and ours and will get downloads available on the site sooner.

By IBBoard on 19th March 2008, 20:51

Chaos texture and Sisters icons

Seaglen has released another texture, this time a Chaos Space Marine Predator with an Iron Warriors theme. The texture comes after a request and some intial attempts on the forums.

Also released is a new icon set for Soulstorm by mdcertainty. Following on from the hero icons, Chaos, Necron and Space Marine icons he has now released a set of Sisters of Battle icons that replace the standard UI icons in-game.

Thanks to both for their continued contributions.

There are also still now a number of pending downloads, mainly due to authors not reading the submission instructions. If you are one of these authors then please read the instructions and get in contact with me so that your download can be corrected and approved.

By IBBoard on 17th March 2008, 19:59

Even more Sisters of Battle from Seaglen

Seaglen has now moved on to the Celestian texture and made a Celstian with detailed weapon. As with his previous Sisters textures, this texture also replaces the tacky yellow 'gold' with a more burnished gold colour.

By IBBoard on 16th March 2008, 14:55

Update to UberPainter for Soulstorm

An update to the UberPainter for Soulstorm has now been released. Two people on the RelicNews forums reported two different issues that have now been fixed. The missing Warp Beast and Veteran Superiors are now included in the Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle lists and the .bat file should now try to run the Soulstorm.exe program rather than DarkCrusade.exe.

By IBBoard on 16th March 2008, 12:20

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