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Skins @ HWT arrives

Posted on 1st February 2005, 23:20 by IBBoard

The articles are still missing and we need a better logo, but Skins @ HWT is now here! Starting as a site for my own WTP pattern files and associated badges, banners and team colours, this site aims to become the one-stop-shop for anything you need to change and improve the appearance of your Space Marine, Ork Boy, Eldar Guardian or Chaos Legionaire.

Please feel free to contribute your own skins, badges, banners and team colour files. All valid submissions will be added and credited. More updates and articles will arrive as I have time to transfer them.

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Help Us!

Are you artistic? Do you know your real Warhammer 40,000 races? Skins@Hive World Terra needs pattern files, colour schemes, badges and banners for any pre-existing chapters, craftworlds, clans and legions, plus any fitting home made contributions.

If you want to help, then read the Submitting Your Work article