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Tagging added to Downloads section

Posted on 19th July 2008, 18:05 by IBBoard

For those who don't know what tagging is (probably those who haven't been near blogs) it's a very simple system for using key words to identify themes in content. Blogs use it to identify the content of posts, and Skins@HWT is using it to identify the content of downloads.

We currently have in place a 'tag cloud' that shows all of our tag words and how many downloads are tagged with those words (indicated by weight and a tooltip) as well as a list of which words each download is tagged with on its detail page.

If anyone finds any incorrect tags (either extras that shouldn't be or ones that are missing) then contact me. I'll add additional tags when they seem appropriate, or you can suggest them in our forum topic.

In the near future you'll hopefully see a tag search feature that lets you filter down downloads based on tags. For example, if you want to see all Chaos downloads for the original Dawn of War that are inspired by the Codex book then you could search "Chaos AND Dawn of War AND Codex" and only be shown the subset that meet those conditions.

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