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Adding models to Dawn of War: Working with Patterns

How add a model to the Dawn of War.

Assumptions made here:

  • I assume you know how to reuse and existing model by copying another models config DOW configuration files and renaming then editing them to suit.
  • I assume you know how to make a model in 3D studio max. Im still learning this part so assumption is partly based on ignorance on my part right now.
  • I assume your using the example Space Marine model supplied in the DOW Tools Relic released.
  • I assume you have read the readme that comes with the tools and setup your mod folder and the tools correctly.
  • All references the word Mymod should be replaced by your mods name.

Lets start with the textures required.

Go to the folder "Dawn of War\ModTools\DataSrc\My_Mod\Art\EBPs\Races\Space_Marines\Texture_Share", this is where the Space Marine textures can be found. These are shared textured. Some models have their own texture folder inside the models own folder and these can be used too if thats the case.

Copy the following files and rename them so they match your model's name.

  • Space_Marine_Unit.tga
  • Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Badge.tga
  • Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Dirt.tga
  • Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Eyes.tga
  • Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Primary.tga
  • Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Secondary.tga
  • Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Trim.tga
  • Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Weapons.tga

The name to change is the Space_Marine part. Everything after _Unit should rename the same. My devastators were called Space_Marine_Devastators_Unit.tga, for example.

Now you need to load those files into Adobe and edit the textures to suit your needs. All I wanted to do since I was adding a Devastator was change the shoulder pad badge and add a lascannon. I replaced the Tactical Marine symbol with a Devastor Marine symbol in all of those files.

You MUST edit the Alpha channel in some of these files since its used to hide some items in the game at certain points. Do not forget this. If your unsure how to edit and Alpha channel or use Layers please consult your paint packages help file. Look up Alpha Channel and Layers. Relic provided a PSD file that can be loaded into photoshop for the space marines that you can also edit and save off as a 32 bit TGA with an Alpha Channel. If your editing the Space Marines this makes the job much easier the first time around.

Please note that not everything needs editing if you making a simple tweak to the texture. What's important is the tga file names, you can see what they do by the name. So if you make a new weapon texture, take a look at the weapon Space_Marine_Unit_Default_Weapons.tga file. IF you make a new weapon texture for a new weapon and call it myweapon.tga then its support texture would be myweapon_default_weapon.tga.

You can see how Relic named their files in "Dawn of War\ModTools\DataSrc\My_Mod\Art\EBPs\Races\Space_Marines\Texture_Share". You can also see a weapon has no eyes so does need the eyes texture. If you add a trim texture then those parts of the weapon will be customisable from the army painter in the game. Thats what all this is for basically.

Its part of the team colours system used to change the skin of the units in the game. Part but not all of it.


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