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Modding tool crash fixes released

New versions of the Dawn of War Texture Tool and IChunky Viewer have been released after Max C found a bug that caused them to crash when trying to handle certain RSH files.

Thanks to Max C for reporting the bug.

By IBBoard on 16th December 2017, 20:08

Dawn of War Texture Tool fixed for 64-bit systems

If you used the Dawn of War Texture Tool to convert TGA images to DDS images on a 64-bit Windows machine then you would have found that it errored. This is because the Texture Tool is from an era when 64-bit OSes were uncommon because people rarely had as much as 4GB RAM.

As it is apparently still being used, the Dawn of War Texture Tool v1.9.1 has now been released with a fix for TGA to DDS conversion on 64-bit Windows systems!

By IBBoard on 16th October 2016, 19:07

RAR downloads fixed for Chrome users

Earlier today I received an email pointing out that one download was appearing as a page of gibberish text. It appears that a misconfiguration on the server was causing some downloads (RAR files) to be displayed as text rather than downloaded.

This only appears to have affected Google Chrome/Chromium users. Firefox users should still have been able to download RAR files successfully.

This issue has now been fixed and all RAR files should be working for all users.

By IBBoard on 29th June 2016, 19:16

Storm Wardens army scheme

Dawn of War is into its 10th year since the initial release, but still there are people interested in customising it!

Today, we've added the Storm Wardens Space Marine Chapter army scheme - a badge, banner and team colour pack to create Sacris' finest.

By IBBoard on 7th October 2013, 19:24

Tau FX fix available

On the back of helping us restore one of our missing textures, Crystalking52 has now release a new Tau Vehicles FX Fix pack. While most vehicles had blue thrusters, some used red effects (FX). This pack makes it all a nice, consistent blue.

By IBBoard on 8th June 2013, 10:39

Necrons return!

One year on since our announcement, and thanks to Crystalking and his archive of textures, EvilTermite's Necrons with Badges and Banners texture has returned!

By IBBoard on 3rd June 2013, 18:36

Necrons texture missing-in-action

It has just been brought to our attention that Evil-Termite's "Necrons with badges and banners" texture (which was hosted on his site and linked to from Skins@HWT) is no longer available. It looks like Evil-Termite's site has been taken down. Until we can find a copy of the texture then the download has, unfortunately, had to be removed.

We're sorry for anyone who is disappointed by this and wanted badges and banners on their Necrons.

By IBBoard on 2nd June 2012, 09:13

New TC Daemon Prince

Our first new download in well over a year has just been approved! Thanks to MeechMunchie, we now have a brand new Team Colourable Daemon Prince (based on HorusHeresy's original version).

If anyone has any screenshots of this texture that they want to send to us (or any other, for that matter) then please send them to skins$ (replacing the $ with an @)Screenshots are now available, thanks to MeechMunchie.

Note: There are still some pending textures, but as we don't know who they're from (no email address was supplied) then we can't approve them and can't contact the authors to help get them approved!

By IBBoard on 23rd April 2012, 19:54

DoW textures still being approved!

Due to other commitments, it took a bit longer than normal, but the latest pair of submissions have now been reviewed. Although Alex's Eldar Warlock wasn't approved (because of our submission guidelines), CornCobMan's <a href="">Dark Eldar Listening Post Texture fix</a> has been approved and is now available for download!

By IBBoard on 11th June 2011, 15:59

New submission still pending

We've just had our first submission in ages (Digital camo for the Space Marines to match the Imperial Guard digital camo) and we've had to keep it on "pending" because the submitter didn't comply with the Submitting your work guidelines.

Because of previous issues then we require a contact address in case we need to ask the author anything. Until such times as Gmac1136 contacts us then the texture will, unfortunately, be on hold.

Remember - Dawn of War 2 may have been released, but we're still open for hosting Dawn of War 1 and Dawn of War 2 textures/badges/banners/colour schemes!

By IBBoard on 4th January 2011, 20:58

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If you want to help, then read the Submitting Your Work article