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IChunky Viewer

Author: IBBoard (Submitted by IBBoard)
Category: Skinning and Modding Resources
Version: 1.1.3 Size: 184KB
Description: An minor update of the IChunky Viewer (Intelligent Chunky Viewer) that's designed as a more advanced replacement for Relic's standard Chunky Viewer. As of v1.1 the IChunky Viewer is also an editor and validator.

Note: this application requires an implementation of v2 of the .Net framework (e.g. the Mono or Microsoft .Net Framework)

Although the official Chunky Viewer will open chunky files and show you the content, it can hang on some files (mainly those extracted by SpookyRAT). The IChunky Viewer is more stable, displays more detail about the content of the chunks (converting it in to meaningful text where possible) and is more visually integrated in to your Windows theme. The IChunky Viewer also includes additional features, such as saving chunks from a Chunky file.

Changes since v1.1:

  • Fixed bug that caused multi-root files like WHMs not to save correctly.
  • Updated to a newer version of the IBBoard.Relic.RelicTools.dll to recognise DXT3 DATAIMAG chunks
  • Fixed crash when handling CHAN chunks (e.g. chaos_thermo_rgb.rsh) - reported by Max C

Changes since v1.0:

  • New Features:
    • Adding/deleting of chunks
    • Import/export of chunks to move them between files
    • Saving of modified Chunky files
    • Validation of the structure of a Chunky File (structure validators for WTP, RSH and RTX included)
    • Display of bytes of data in chunk (same as Relic's Chunky Viewer) or total size of chunk including headers
    • Options dialog box
  • Updates:
    • Visual themeing for Windows XP
    • Move to a more generic folder separator to allow potential cross-platform compatibility

Screenshots will be added soon.

File contents: IChunky Viewer plus readme.

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Added: 16/12/2017 Downloads: 85

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