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Dawn of War Tutorials

Adding models to Dawn of War by giskard (26055 views)
Last modified: 2/09/2005, 3:22pm
A tutorial covering everything you need to know about adding a new model in to Dawn of War, including skinning. Uses the Space Marine Devastator as an example.
Dawn of War Introduction by IBBoard (7607 views)
Last modified: 4/06/2016, 1:36pm
A brief article covering what you can do in Dawn of War and what this site has available
Dummies guide to IBBoard's SGA Extractor by Danimator (6539 views)
Last modified: 11/02/2006, 12:06pm
A 'For Dummies'-style guide on how to use IBBoard's SGA Extractor to help create a cloned race without colour-bleed problems.
How to add new preset colours to the Army Painter by Scorpia (7235 views)
Last modified: 8/01/2006, 7:44pm
A short tutorial describing the steps needed to add custom colours to the army painter - perfect for adding those other official Games Workshop paints!
How to make badges and banners by IBBoard (39088 views)
Last modified: 8/04/2008, 7:14pm
A simple generic tutorial on how to create your own badges and banners in any art package. It assumes you have a little graphics knowledge including using alpha channels.
Making non-team colourable areas teamcolourable by IBBoard (8066 views)
Last modified: 25/07/2006, 7:50pm
A simple tutorial that explains how to take a non-teamcolourable area and make it teamcolourable. It uses the Chaos Cultist with colourable tattoo as an example.
Making team colourable areas non-teamcolourable by IBBoard (5777 views)
Last modified: 26/07/2006, 9:29am
A simple tutorial that explains how to take a team colourable area and make it non-teamcolourable. It uses the Kasrkin as an example, fixing the colour of their goggles.
Making TGAs from RSH files: An Amateur's Guide by Danimator (10704 views)
Last modified: 11/02/2006, 11:52am
Danimator's guide on how to create the TGAs that you need to create WTP files when all you have are the RSH files
Modifying patterns by IBBoard (8098 views)
Last modified: 26/05/2014, 6:05pm
A short tutorial for those with some experience with graphics programs, explaining how to modify your own patterns and use them in game.
Pattern making tips by IBBoard (5964 views)
Last modified: 20/01/2006, 6:58pm
Various ideas that I've picked up that are useful for people making and modifying the WTP pattern files
Skinning 4 Dummies by Sandwichwarrior (10878 views)
Last modified: 27/04/2005, 6:22am
A tutorial from Sandwich warrior, based on his experiences.
WTP to TGA and back again! by ricocet (7304 views)
Last modified: 28/02/2005, 10:16pm
A tutorial on how to get the TGA files you need to re-skin troops in Dawn of War, and put them back in to the game as WTP files.


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Are you artistic? Do you know your real Warhammer 40,000 races? Skins@Hive World Terra needs pattern files, colour schemes, badges and banners for any pre-existing chapters, craftworlds, clans and legions, plus any fitting home made contributions.

If you want to help, then read the Submitting Your Work article