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Submitting your work

Skins@HWT was created to be a central location for all of the patterns, badges, banners and team colour files that you could need for authentic Dawn of War armies that matched those of Games Workshop's table top armies.

As well as the creations of the site owner, IBBoard, the site is also open to submissions by any other gamer. All files under 2MB (so badges, banners, team colours and small skin packs, but not entire races!) can be submitted to our database by using the Add Download form in the Downloads section.

All downloads over 2MB have to be hosted elsewhere and linked to by us, or sent to us via other means to host (either via an IM program, or posted on a temporary FTP server for us to download and upload, or sent through email/ If you are sending the file then please contact us for details of where to send your submissions.

Content types - what we can and can't accept

As mentioned earlier, due to legal restrictions there is a limited set of what we can accept. The following brief lists outline that in bullet-point form.

What we won't take

Since Skins@HWT was created as a home for fluff-based patterns and downloads, there are restrictions on what we will take.

  • For legal reasons, we cannot take anything that breaches any copyrights
  • We will not take non-fluff based badges or banners (e.g. US Military regiments - if you wanted 'real world' battles then you should have bought a non-sci-fi game!)
  • We may choose to decline borderline fluff-based patterns, badges and banners (e.g. Space Marines with Ork symbols on them)

What we will take

What we are looking for is anything that allows gamers to represent true-to-fluff Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Chaos, or any other race that may be added through the various Mods. So if you think that Space Marine shoulder pad inners should be Primary, not Secondary, and that the Sergeant should look like a veteran of more battles, make the changes and share them with the community!

If you have a badge, banner, team colour or some other file that fits in our Downloads section, then submit it and wait for it to be approved. If you have a pattern or other file that is too large to be hosted here, then get it hosted and tell us where it is so we can link to it.

All work will be fully credited, and we recommend packaging it in a Zip file so that a readme can be included.

Submission content - what should and shouldn't be included

To ensure the best download content, easiest submission and highest availability of the Skins@HWT website there are some guidelines on what should and shouldn't be included in a submission. Not following these guidelines could lead to a submission being held in the pending queue until the issues are resolved.

What should be included

At the minimum, the following files should be included in a submission:

  • The submitted file or files (obviously!)
  • A readme containing, at the minimum, the following:
    • Submission title
    • Brief description (does not have to include full details of what has been changed)
    • Author's name or Internet handle
    • Author's contact address, in case there are any queries regarding the submission

What shouldn't be included

To improve people's experience of downloading files, the following should not be included in submissions:

  • Any screenshots, especially those that are anything up to and beyond 1,000% larger than the file being submitted! Please contact us for details of where to send screenshots, or host them elsewhere and provide the location.
  • 'Borrowed' content that has been re-used without the original author's permission. Note: giving credit to the original author is not enough. The one exception is if they specifically state in their readme that the file can be freely re-used if credit is given
  • Anything from the "What we won't take" section earlier
  • Just the submitted content and nothing else, i.e. no readme


Help Us!

Are you artistic? Do you know your real Warhammer 40,000 races? Skins@Hive World Terra needs pattern files, colour schemes, badges and banners for any pre-existing chapters, craftworlds, clans and legions, plus any fitting home made contributions.

If you want to help, then read the Submitting Your Work article