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Dummies guide to IBBoard's SGA Extractor

This guide covers making all new team colourable textures for a new (cloned) race. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds and hardly needs a tutorial but get one step wrong and it doesn't work. With that and the fact that a lot of us aren't used to using the Command Prompt this may be useful to some.

In this example I had copied all the Eldar SPBS and EBPS files (and a few others) and renamed them as Ulthwe. Ulthwe was then working in game as a separate race but if playing against Eldar would take on Eldar colours due to the colour bleed problem. Using the SgaExtractor was a quick (10-15 mins) and easy way of making them team colourable.


To run the SgaExtractor you need .Net Framework from Microsoft. This was simple & fast to install (I'm running XP Home with SP1). Download and install.

Note from IBBoard: the .Net Framework should already be installed on any computer tha has been patched with Windows XP SP2, or any recently purchased PCs (which will have SP2 included as part of the Windows install.)

Then download and install the SgaExtractor v1.1 itself. This MUST be installed in the C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\ directory or your equivalent. Move it across if you miss this part and install somewhere else in error.

The SgaExtractor makes any folders that are needed and don't exist so you don’t have to worry about this.

Getting started

Click on the Windows Start button, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt to bring up the Command Prompt window.

As spaces are critical I'll use $ for spaces in the following examples.

Type in:


press enter and your command line prompt should then read as:




Hit enter, when this has run successfully, type:


(Make sure you put in both -- before recursive, easily missed)

Then a third run for shadows etc. as pointed out by Aralez.



If it works correctly at each stage you’ll see a list being generated of all the new files.

If it fails it will give you an error message (usually typos or incorrect info entered) and go back to the command prompt. Try again until it works.

That's it, simple as that. If you now look in your Mod folder you will see new folders in data\art\ebpsaces\ulthw for ulthw read the name you choose. Remember this program automatically hex edits the new files so read the next paragraph carefully.

For other mods just choose the race you have copied and replace Eldar with it in the examples above. Then replace ulthwe_cs with the name of your mod.

Important, then choose a name for your data\art\ebpsaces folder that has the same number of letters as the race you are copying and replace ulthw (i.e. 5 letters same as eldar) with it.

Don't forget you have to then edit all your EBPS files so they’re pointing to your new folder. In the above example like below:


GameData["entity_blueprint_ext"]["animator"] = "Races/Eldar/Troops/Falcon_Grav_Tank"


GameData["entity_blueprint_ext"]["animator"] = "Races/Ulthw/Troops/Falcon_Grav_Tank"

I hope this explains everything clearly, if not please let me know and I’ll update it.

This guide covered making new team colourable textures for a whole race (folder) but you can of course use the SgaExtractor to make individual textures and by looking at the readme for the SgaExtractor combined with this guide you should be able to figure it out.

N.B. As pointed out by IBBoard, just change the path from W40K\W40KData.sga to WXP\WXPData.sga if you want to extract the sga from WA (WXP) instead.


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