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WTP to TGA and back again!

First make sure you have the textures extracted from the .sga file. If not, open W40kData-SharedTextures-Full.sga that is located in the wh40k folder with the mod packager that came with the mod tools. extract it to the data folder of your mod folder. Open the WTP tool. Click extract WTP. Find the .WTP file you want to edit. click open. you should get a bunch of lines.and the last line should be "Finished Creating TGA File". And you have them extracted. i.e.: If you have a mod called all mod: you would extract the .sga file to Dawn of war\all_Mod\Data\ and should find the wtp files here:
    Dawn of war\all_Mod\Data\Art\EBPs\races\(race)\texture_share
And thats all there is to it.

To get the files back into the .wtp. make sure you have the files in (*_unit)_default.tga format. so i.e. for the aspiring champion/possessed you should have 8 .tga's. You must keep them in the (*_unit)_default.tga format. So you should have:

  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default.tga
  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default_Badge.tga
  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default_Dirt.tga
  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default_Eyes.tga
  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default_Primary.tga
  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default_Secondary.tga
  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default_Trim.tga
  • aspiring_champion_possessed_marine_unit_default_Weapon.tga

See the _default in the middle, then primary, secondary, trim, weapon, eyes. those are the cooresponding color files that you change in army painter. The badge is where the badge will go. and dirt is a different story. I don't really understand the dirt file. but I believe you need at least the _default.tga file and the _default_badge.tga file. I am not sure though. Then you open the WTP tool. Click on make WTP. then find the _default.tga file and click open. You should eventually get "Process Completed Successfully". If not then you did something wrong. and thats it.

But remember that wil change all of those type to that texture. So for a medic, You can change the guardsman texture but it will change all textures for the guards man. there is a way and I know how but I learned from compiler. So if he don't mind I post another tutorial showing every one how.


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