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Updated icon set screenshots

Having kindly supplied screenshots hosted on an image hosting service, mdcertainty has recently noticed that some of his images had been replaced by what shall be called "unexpected and unrelated content". He has re-submitted the screenshots and the Chaos, Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle and Ultramarines icon set screenshots have now been replaced.

Thanks to mdcertainty for catching the image changes. As a lesson to everyone, this is (as well as junk adverts/popups) is why you don't trust external websites for your image hosting!

By IBBoard on 23rd September 2008, 18:35

New building textures for the Sisters

Diviator has ended the lull in new submissions by completing and submitting his Alternate Sisters of Battle Buildings.

Although buildings are often overlooked, Diviator's new textures provide much crisper and more coordinated colour schemes for the Sisters of Battle. It also led to the creation of a new download tag - 'Buildings' - so that all building-related content can easily be accessed from a single location for those who don't want to just give "new texture loving" to their units.

By IBBoard on 14th September 2008, 20:58

More specularity

Stfas has now released another texture with some more sensible speclarity (reflection) effects. The Penitent Engine Specular Gold texture adds specularity to just the gold areas of the model.

By IBBoard on 25th July 2008, 19:12

Dark Angels with company colours

Weriti, author of the Mordian Iron Guards has now released a Dark Angels texture set.

Although called the "3rd Company" pack, it is actually a set of textures that make the Space Marines look more like the 3rd Company members, the Terminators look more like the 1st Company "Deathwing", and the Land Speeder look more like the 2nd Company "Ravenwing". All of the textures are still team colourable, so even if you don't want to recreate the Deathwing and Ravenwing, you can still have your Terminators a different colour from your Marines, who are a different colour again from your Land Speeder.

By IBBoard on 21st July 2008, 19:27

Waaagh! Grimjaw and Ork specularity

Newly added today, on request, is the .teamcolour file for Waaagh! Grimjaw. The colour scheme has been visible for a while on the Grimjaw texture page, but hadn't been released until now.

Also released today is Stfas' Ork Specularity set that adds subtle reflections to various areas of the Ork textures. The release is v1.1, which fixes a couple of problems in the original, unreleased 1.0 pack. The usual warning about potential performance issues when using specularity effects applies.

By IBBoard on 20th July 2008, 15:49

Tagging added to Downloads section

For those who don't know what tagging is (probably those who haven't been near blogs) it's a very simple system for using key words to identify themes in content. Blogs use it to identify the content of posts, and Skins@HWT is using it to identify the content of downloads.

We currently have in place a 'tag cloud' that shows all of our tag words and how many downloads are tagged with those words (indicated by weight and a tooltip) as well as a list of which words each download is tagged with on its detail page.

If anyone finds any incorrect tags (either extras that shouldn't be or ones that are missing) then contact me. I'll add additional tags when they seem appropriate, or you can suggest them in our forum topic.

In the near future you'll hopefully see a tag search feature that lets you filter down downloads based on tags. For example, if you want to see all Chaos downloads for the original Dawn of War that are inspired by the Codex book then you could search "Chaos AND Dawn of War AND Codex" and only be shown the subset that meet those conditions.

By IBBoard on 19th July 2008, 18:05

Mordian Iron Guard and Specular Obliterators

Two new downloads have now been added - one is an update, and another is a first submission from a new author.

Stfas has updated his Obliterator Trim Specularity to fix a problem with 1.1 that caused the model to not be team colourable.

Weriti has added his first texture in the form of a Mordian Iron Guard skin. As it is just a texture and not a model change then it isn't a perfect replication, but it is still a great effect.

Thanks to both for their contributions. Screenshots are available for both downloads.

By IBBoard on 13th July 2008, 15:16

More pending downloads declined

Two more pending downloads have now been declined. The "Scarab badge and banner pack" from Mozzie was added in mid-April and the "Team Colourable Bloodthirster" texture was added by an unknown person in mid-May. It is now mid-July and neither author has contacted us about their pending downloads. We're assuming that this means they don't care about their submission, and so they've been declined.

If you are submitting your own work then please make sure you read our Submitting Your Work article so that your work doesn't sit in the pending queue until it is declined.

By IBBoard on 13th July 2008, 14:00

More screenshots and pending specularity

More screenshots from the forum thread have now been added, courtesy of gtx69.

Also, there is currently a specularity pack for the Orks from stfas in the pending queue, following comments by Seaglen. Stfas says it is subtler, as befits the Orks, so hopefully people will enjoy it when it is approved. The usual disclaimer about "may cause lag on some machines - and not just bottom-of-the-range rigs" will apply!

By IBBoard on 8th July 2008, 19:00

More screenshots from gtx69 and for Guard FX

More of the screenshots from gtx69 have now been uploaded, including the team colourable Tau Commander, Stingwings, the Crisis Suit with team colourable head, the other Harlequin texture, and an additional screenshot for the Ornate Commissar

Also added are some screenshots from Seaglen for his Imperial Guard weapon FX.

Thanks to both Seaglen and gtx69 for their help supplying screenshots.

By IBBoard on 6th July 2008, 18:55

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