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Alternate Sisters of Battle Buildings

Author: Diviator (Submitted by Diviator)
Category: Sisters Of Battle
Version: 1.0 Size: 7.7MB
Description: A full set of alternate Sisters of Battle buildings that improve the colour combinations and appearance. The pack also includes an optional alternate turret texture that makes the colour scheme match the other buildings.

From the author:

The original SoB Buildings look a bit odd. Some parts are just a bit too pale and other parts were too dark. We you looked at the building you couldn't recognise your scheme colour due to these parts. Some other parts of the building had a fixed colour that looked like gold.

So I begin to enhance these building and could do the following things:

  • More use of colour, pale and dark areas have been normalised, so that you can actually see your colours now.
  • Some parts changed the colour, i.e. from primary to secondary colour, trim colour or trim 2 colour.
  • Fixed golden parts have now scheme-colour. Symbols and emblems use Trim 2, while all other parts will use the Trim 1 Colour
  • Minor changes, I can't recall all of them, but I think I have removed some thing and replaced them.
  • All Dirt-Layers have been replaced by new one, this should have an effect on the colours

A screenshot montage can be found on ImageShack.

File contents: WTP texture files for all Sisters of Battle units, plus alternate turret texture, readme (also in German) and instructions on using the alternate turret texture.

Rating: 4.5 from 2 votes (2 comments)
Added: 14/09/2008 Downloads: 1020


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