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Team colorable and specularity Necron Deceiver

Author: Radulykan (Submitted by Radulykan)
Category: Necrons
Version: 2.0 Size: 964KB
Description: Updated version of the team colourable/specular Necron Deceiver making it closer to the gold of the GW model.

From the author:

After I tried it out in-game I wanted it too have the more yellow gold of the GW model instead of the duller brownish gold of the vanilla RSH. This one does that, and comes pretty darn close :)

Screenshots will be added soon.

File contents: WTP and RSH texture files for the Necron Deceiver, plus readme.

Note: Specularity is a processor intensive feature. This texture may slow your gaming down, although as a special character the chances of this being noticeable should be lower than with other textures.

Note: This download is not a standard ZIP or RAR. You will need to download 7-Zip or another compatible program to extract the textures.

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Added: 30/09/2008 Downloads: 393


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