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Three new textures

Over the course of tonight three new textures from three authors have been added.

Firstly, stfas has given us our first Dark Eldar texture with some fixes and improvements on the Haemonculus and his laboratory.

Next, Seaglen has submitted yet another texture. This time he has taken up a request from our forums and made an Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine texture.

Finally, I've taken one of the simpler textures off the request list in the forum by making some Space Marine Scouts without cloth rolls.

By IBBoard on 16th March 2008, 00:46

More Sisters of Battle from Seaglen

Seaglen has been working hard again and has released yet more new textures! This time there is an update for the Sisters of Battle 'weapon colouration' texture and an improved Canoness.

Thanks to Seaglen for contributing all of these new textures so soon after the game has been released.

By IBBoard on 11th March 2008, 20:55

UberPainter for Soulstorm is released!

A new Dawn of War expansion pack means a new version of the UberPainter, and Soulstorm is no exception.

The UberPainter mod for Soulstorm adds previews of all of the units and buildings (where possible) to the Army Painter. The mod is useful for gamers to see what their scheme looks like across the army, but is even more useful for texturers who want to check out their work in detail without having to play through a skirmish.

Go, download it and enjoy all of the models from the comfort of the Army Painter!

By IBBoard on 10th March 2008, 20:01

First Soulstorm textures - Sisters of Battle

The Soulstorm expansion pack has only been released for about a day, but already people are submitting content. Seaglen has the honour of being the first submitter to get his Soulstorm content hosted for the world.

The first Soulstorm textures are in the Sisters of Battle section and they re-skin the Exorcist, Servitor and standard Battle Sister.

We also have a file and an update pending from Radulykan, but we need him to get in contact with us.

I've managed to get the Dark Eldar in to the army painter in the Soulstorm demo, so expect a new version of the UberPainter soon - just as soon as my copy gets delivered!

By IBBoard on 8th March 2008, 11:00

Elemental Space Marines army schemes

Newly released today are the Elemental Space Marines. The pack contains three schemes (badge, banner and .teamcolour) for the Fire, Lightning and Galaxian chapters.

There is also still a Devil Dogs army scheme pending from Spartan112. The file is missing some details and we are still waiting for the author to get back to us. If the author does not get back to us then we will eventually have to decline the download.

By IBBoard on 24th February 2008, 14:03

Make sure you have permission

Following a recent submission that we had to decline I thought it best to remind people about our submission guidelines

One of the things we mention (under two sections) is other people's work. Under 'content types' we say For legal reasons, we cannot take anything that breaches any copyrights and under 'submission content' we ask you not to include 'Borrowed' content that has been re-used without the original author's permission.

Any work that a person creates is automatically covered by copyright. If you modify that work in any way then you are breaking copyright laws. Even if the author isn't in the community any more and hasn't been seen online in the past year or more then their work is still covered by copyright.

If you can't get a response from an author then you do not have permission to re-use their work. If you don't have permission to re-use their work then we can't host it. A lack of response is not granting permission.

By IBBoard on 19th February 2008, 21:20

Ira Aduro's Avatar gets screenshots

It is only a brief snippet of news, but Ira Aduro's amazing Avatar retexture now has screenshots so you can see some of the detail before you download the texture.

Thanks to Ira Aduro for submitting some screenshots.

By IBBoard on 14th February 2008, 21:57

Ira Aduro's Avatar is released

The wait wasn't too long between submission, request for update and release, and Ira Aduro's Avatar retexture is now available!

There aren't any screenshots available just yet, but I can promise you that it is a great new skin with a wonderful level of detail and crispness. Some details remain team colourable, and the new style of flame and armour is a nice improvement over the original.

Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to see more from Ira Aduro at some point.

By IBBoard on 12th February 2008, 22:11

Great new avatar texture - but it is still pending!

There's currently a great re-texture of the Eldar Avatar in our pending list, but unfortunately it is going to have to stay there for now. The creator of the texture has gone to all of the trouble of creating a new icon, but hasn't included a name or contact address in the readme.

If you are the author, or can get a message to the author, we need an updated readme that complies with our submission guidelines. As soon as we get that then everyone can enjoy this great new texture.

By IBBoard on 10th February 2008, 22:11

More team colourable Whirlwind

Other work and overtime got in the way, but I've finally approved T-5a's More Team Colourable Whirlwind that he submitted on Wednesday. The texture basically adds additional Secondary colouring so it isn't so mono-coloured.

Also, as I previously warned, four downloads have now been purged from our pending list.

All four were submitted in September/October last year and required the author to contact us. We haven't heard anything from the author, and so we are assuming that they don't care about their own downloads. If they don't care about them enough to email us then we won't host them.

Please ensure that all submissions follow our "Submission Guidelines", which are linked to from the submission form, so that your downloads don't suffer the same fate.

By IBBoard on 2nd February 2008, 19:58

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