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Seaglen returns with FX files

Having been away from the community for a little while, Seaglen has now returned and has brought with him some weapon FX for the Imperial Guard.

By IBBoard on 5th July 2008, 15:13

First texture from gtx69

After having helped with screenshots, gtx69 has now released his first skin.

The new texture for the Force Commander takes Hangar-8's Golden Eagle and gives him whiter hair and fewer wrinkles, amongst other things, and an optional facial tattoo. Screenshots (ironically) are not up at the moment and will be added tomorrow.

By IBBoard on 4th July 2008, 19:44

New screenshots from gtx69

Following our previous request for screenshots, gtx69 has kindly been posting screenshots in our forum thread. All but a few of the screenshots are now in use, including the Ornate Commissar, several of the Imperial Guard camos, the Eldar Harlequin, a couple of bloodied Chaos textures and the black Daemon Prince.

Thanks to gtx69. Hopefully we will get more submissions from people soon. One day we may even get caught up so that we have screenshots on all of our downloads!

By IBBoard on 3rd July 2008, 21:01

More trim colourable knee-pads

Stfas has now released his third trim colourable knee-pad texture. To round out the core infantry units, the Terminators have now had the "knee pad treatment" on top of Hangar-8's Golden Eagles texture.

By IBBoard on 25th June 2008, 20:05

Nightbringer with teamcolourable cloth

Stfas has now released his eighth texture in the form of a Nightbringer with teamcolourable cloth. While it might not make sense to some people to have the Nightbringer in any colour than black/grey, there are some interesting variants in Google's image search.

By IBBoard on 18th June 2008, 15:37

Screenshot help needed

As some of you may have noticed, the site has built up quite a backlog of downloads that have the message "screenshots will be added soon" where the screenshots should be. Being the father of a three week old baby isn't going to help work through the backlog!

To try and resolve the lack of screenshots, I'm asking the community to help. If you've downloaded a skin that didn't have any screenshots on the download page then please read this topic and submit a screenshot.

By IBBoard on 14th June 2008, 14:31

Paler Wyches now available

Birchtree's Paler Wyches are now available. Initial discussion and a sample screenshot from before their release can be found on our forums.

Thanks to Birchtree for his first submission. Hopefully we'll see more in the future.

By IBBoard on 28th May 2008, 19:26

New specular textures

Stfas has been updating and adding to his specular textures (skins with reflections) with two new releases.

First up is an update of his Obliterator Trim Specularity texture, with the bigger release coming in the shape of four Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine textures in a Reflection Pack.

Currently pending in the queue is a set of pale skinned Wyches, which just need a readme before they are released. We also have a Team Colourable Bloodthirster and Scarab badge and banner pack that are awaiting contact from the authors before we can release them.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions, and hopefully we'll see more from Birchtree and Stfas soon.

By IBBoard on 27th May 2008, 15:37

Obliterators with specular trim

Due to real-life it took a little while to get approved, but stfas's Obliterator with specular trim is now available.

Thanks to stfas for releasing another texture, and branching out to Chaos.

By IBBoard on 11th May 2008, 14:10

Telboy's Lamenters return

Telboy007 has recently released a new version of his Lamenters mod. The new version is still only for Dawn of War and Winter Assault, but now includes the beginnings of an Eastern Fringe campaign.

Also added with the new campaign is the inclusion of the Tyranids mod, so expect to fight the main Xenos threat to Humanity.

By IBBoard on 5th May 2008, 12:30

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