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Haemonculus texture fix released

mdcertainty has released another texture fix to remove some colour collisions, this time for the Dark Eldar Haemonculus. The texture also improves the facial features slightly by sharpening them up.

Thanks to mdcertainty for continuing to fix some of the niggling issues that got through Ironlore/THQ's QA process.

By IBBoard on 5th December 2008, 19:53

File download fix

Apologies to anyone who downloaded one of our 200+ files that have a ".cms" file extension on the server. This was a relic of the old server that isn't rewritten on the new server. The problem should now be fixed and all files should download with the correct extension.

If you downloaded a .cms file and kept it while you worked out what to do with it then please visit the download page again. If you don't want to download the file again (e.g. large texture packs or mods) then check the download link and use the file extension that is in the link.

As before, if you have any problems with the site then please contact me. While I do read forums an email is a more direct and immediate way of notifying me about problems.

By IBBoard on 3rd December 2008, 19:58

mdcertainty makes download 600!

A new download from mdcertainty - a Sisters of Battle banner fix that removes some colour collision - is our 600th download!

Thanks to mdcertainty and everyone else who has contributed to the 822MB/784MiB that we now host on the site spread across 575 hosted files and the 88MB/84MiB that we index that other people host.

By IBBoard on 1st December 2008, 20:29

Skins@HWT moves to a new server

Skins@HWT has now moved to a new server. The server is our own VPS, which means we have more control over it. It also means that processes from other users on the server can't affect the site as we're the only user.

If anyone has any problems following the move, please contact me.

By IBBoard on 30th November 2008, 15:06

Specularity for the Dark Eldar

Radulykan has released another specularity pack - this time for the Dark Eldar.

The Dark Eldar specularity pack adds a specularity effect (reflection) on top of your existing team colourable texture. This means that you can get a shine from the metal and other parts while still using your own custom textures.

Thanks to Radulykan for his continued contributions.

By IBBoard on 25th October 2008, 18:49

Updated Pattern Switcher

For over a year now, the Dawn of War Pattern Switcher has supported the ability to create new race mappings (adding tabs to the list by specifying the race's folder name and race name). This was done before Soulstorm was released in preparation for the new expansion pack to allow user's to add the races themselves (or races for any mods they might play).

Dawn of War Pattern Switcher v3.0.1 doesn't make any functional changes to v3.0, but it does add the Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar to the configuration file so that users can use the tool with the new races without any configuration changes.

By IBBoard on 19th October 2008, 10:44

Reworked Guard taskbar

Mdcertainty has submitted the first of the in-game UI updates that he has been previewing on Hangar-8's forums. The Guard camouflaged taskbar adds your choice of forest or city camouflage to the main part of the in-game interface. Other reworked interfaces for other races may be available in the future.

By IBBoard on 4th October 2008, 18:30

Sisters of Battle buildings and an updated Deceiver

Not content with having submitted his Deceiver texture at the weekend, Radulykan has now released the Team colorable and specularity Necron Deceiver v2. This update improves the effects layer as well as making the gold closer to the Games Workshop model.

Also released today after some time on Hangar-8's forums are Diviator's Sisters of Battle building effects, which add a self-illumination layer to all buildings to give them all a holy glow. It also adds a specularity/reflection layer to all glass areas to improve the look of the stained glass windows. The pack uses RSH files, which means that standard team colouring textures (WTPs) can be used in conjunction with the effects to also customise the colouring.

Thanks to both authors for their continued contributions.

By IBBoard on 30th September 2008, 20:01

Shiny Deceiver available

Radulykan has now release a new Team Colourable Necron Deceiver texture that also adds a specularity layer. Specularity is the effects layer that adds the shine to objects, with the Deceiver now looking more like the Games Workshop model.

Following this texture, Radulykan has also hinted that he may release another version that's even closer to the GW model.

By IBBoard on 29th September 2008, 19:10

More icon sets - Eldar

mdcertainty has now released another icon set - the sixth race set so far. The new Eldar icon set replaces all of the icons with images of textured units from in-game. mdcertainty has also included a "more Eldar-y" disabled style as well.

Thanks to mdcertainty for continuing to submit icon packs to improve the game's user interface. Only three more races to go before we get a full set - Tau, Imperial Guard and Orks!

By IBBoard on 27th September 2008, 17:30

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