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Avatar retexture

Author: Ira Aduro (Submitted by Ira Aduro)
Category: Eldar
Version: 1.0 Size: 928KB
Description: A complete retexture of the Avatar with a great level of detail, plus a new icon for the interface.

From the author:

What was going to be a short project to keep me busy over Christmas break turned into a month-long 'from-scratch' texturing. Everything except for the chest symbol, hair, and soul stones are completely new.

For the face I decided to take a different than normal tact. Looking at the Games Workshop and ForgeWorld models it seemed the face wasn't molten. So, to keep the body of the Avatar entirely made of iron and molten iron, I gave the Avatar a cermonial 'war mask.' The hair and loin clothe are team colorable.

Also, this model comes with a glow map for the molten body and specularity for the gold on the armor. I hope you enjoy this texture as much as I enjoyed making it!

File contents: WTP and RSH texture files for the Eldar Avatar, plus UI icons and readme.

Rating: 4.8 from 6 votes (4 comments)
Added: 12/02/2008 Downloads: 2130


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