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Digital camo for Guardmen

Author: Soleil_Rouge [Fr] (Submitted by Soleil_Rouge [Fr])
Category: Imperial Guard
Version: 1.0 Size: 1.1MB
Description: Adds digital camo for the Guardsmen, similar to MARPAT (the new US Marine camouflage) and CADPAT ( the Canadian BDU camouflage), using Primary, Secondary, Trim 1 and Trim 2 colours.

'Digital camouflage' consists of varying sized squares of colour to make the blocks, instead of standard solid blocks. MARPAT and CADPAT are the two best-known forms of real-world digital camouflage in use at the moment. For more information on MARPAT, check Wikipedia's MARPAT article.

From the author:

This skin gives the Guardmen a digital camo. My intention was to make something the closest as possible to the new MARPAT BDU (US Marines Pattern) but finaly because of the relative small scale of the skin files it looks a bit more like the german Bundeswehr SPECTARN which is a bit similar to the WWII Waffen-SS pattern. So, take it the way you want but I hope you'll enjoy it because it took me a lot of time to make it work ! :)

File Contents: .WTP file for the Guardsmen, four screenshots (shown above) and a readme file.

Rating: 4.8 from 6 votes (4 comments)
Added: 24/04/2006 Downloads: 1570


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