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Uploads Added

It looks like it has been a while since the last news report, and things have been changed since then (even if some of them are just behind the scenes).

A new version of the Dawn Of War Pattern Switcher has been released, as has a brand new skin from O-CuKChainz. His Blood Angels Pattern is now available and even though the icons are themed, it is fully team colourable!

Also available, but not previously mentioned, is David Searle's Crimson Fists Pattern. This pattern takes the original Crimson Fists Space Marine from this site and adds patterns for Terminators, Scounts and the Force Commander.

By IBBoard on 15th March 2005, 19:43

New look for the website

Ahhhhh, the joys of CSS - with a few simple changes (and one minor tweak to the HTML to include the dreadnought), the whole of the site should now be in the new look! The look isn't yet complete, but I think it is much better than the quick blue thing we had before. If you don't like it and prefer the blue, change your current skin using the Skin Chooser on the left.

By IBBoard on 3rd March 2005, 22:50

More thumbnails and pictures added

All of the old team colour files that were hosted at Hive World Terra should now have new thumbnails, and most of the team colours that were missing example pictures should now have them! No longer will you need to download and hope, now you can preview the pattern as seen in the Dawn of War Army Painter!

By IBBoard on 3rd March 2005, 13:29

Articles Added

Over the past few days, two new articles have been added to help you in your skinning. The first (WTP to TGA and back again!) is by ricocet from the relicnews forums and gives an overview of how to create and modify skins, mainly for custom mods. The second is by myself, and is more an overview of Modifying Patterns.

Also, we're always looking for contributions, so if you have a good article or tutorial (or anything else we host for that matter!) please contact us.

By IBBoard on 3rd March 2005, 13:24

Cross referencing and temporary downloads

Several downloads (including the patterns) have now had cross referencing in the form of "related downloads" added to them. Hopefully screenshots will soon be added as well.

Also, all of my current Dawn of War WTP files are now available in the Patterns section. Some of these skins are only a temporary download from my old site, until I get them hosted on, but they will become permanant.

By IBBoard on 21st February 2005, 21:45

Patterns moved

The Dawn of War patterns (.wtp skin files) have been moved to a new location - or at least the one completed one that we have has been!

The .wtp files needed for new patterns for any race will now be available at folder.

By IBBoard on 7th February 2005, 22:22

Two new badges

Two new badges and colour schemes have been added in anticipation of the packaging and release of my new halved Space Marine skin.

These are the Angels Sanguine badge and team colour and the Angels of Redemption badge and team colour files. See the downloads for pictures.

By IBBoard on 2nd February 2005, 23:02

Skins @ HWT arrives

The articles are still missing and we need a better logo, but Skins @ HWT is now here! Starting as a site for my own WTP pattern files and associated badges, banners and team colours, this site aims to become the one-stop-shop for anything you need to change and improve the appearance of your Space Marine, Ork Boy, Eldar Guardian or Chaos Legionaire.

Please feel free to contribute your own skins, badges, banners and team colour files. All valid submissions will be added and credited. More updates and articles will arrive as I have time to transfer them.

By IBBoard on 1st February 2005, 23:20

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Help Us!

Are you artistic? Do you know your real Warhammer 40,000 races? Skins@Hive World Terra needs pattern files, colour schemes, badges and banners for any pre-existing chapters, craftworlds, clans and legions, plus any fitting home made contributions.

If you want to help, then read the Submitting Your Work article