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Dawn of War Pattern Gallery: Space Marine Textures

Space Marine Project Gallery

Below is a gallery of my work on patterns. I would do this in a gallery module, but I don't have one of those at the moment so it's an article instead.

Halved Space Marines

Below are pictures (usually taken from the army painter) of my Dawn of War pattern files. If the model is carrying multiple weapons, it's because the screen shot is taken using a hack that allows you to preview any model in the army painter, although it does mean that they are smaller and show all options at once! As with most galleries, click for larger pictures.

Quartered Space Marines

The following are taken using the v1.3 patch and Hangar-8's Army Painter mod, and so do not include multiple weapons.

Codex Librarian and Apothecary

Created to compliment Hangar-8's team colourable Librarian, and to keep a stringer influence from the classic background and imagery of the Space Marines.

Alternate Pattern Space Marines

My first attempt at creating a Mentor Legion style texture. Unfortunately I didn't have a very good reference at the time.

Crimson Fists Infantry

Another of my initial textures that was just a small change - the Crimson Fists Infantry, containing a Space Marine with eye coloured hand.

Generic Space Marines with Gold Eagles

A bright and bold texture that removes the eagles from the Trim colour and makes all wings gold and all skulls bone. Useful for those people who want the symbols of the Imperium to be a consistant colour and not match the trim of the armour.

Generic Space Marines (Pre-1.4 patch)

My very first experiment with the WTP tool and skinning Dawn of War. The texture was originally created because I hadn't been paying attention and thought that the Space Marines still had Blood Raven style chest plates, instead of a skull. After it turned out that the skull was overlayed on top of the skull I'd added, the download has proved useful for people who don't like the changes made by Relic to the Space Marine textures in patch 1.4.

Halved Space Marines with Changable Helmets

A small change from my Halved colour scheme, which moved the helmets of the Space Marines and Terminators onto a different layer. This is useful for anyone wanting to make Storm Giants style paint schemes, and coincided with Hangar-8's Storm Giants banner release.

Masked Space Marines

Created by request to look similar to Star Wars Storm Troopers, the Masked Marines kept the split strip down the face but ended up looking more like Hannibal Lecter!

Mentor Legion

After being prompted by one of Hangar-8's releases, I made another attempt at the Mentor Legion textures, this time with a bit better reference. The texture even includes the company coloured stripe that the chapter uses, instead of shoulder pad trim.


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