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Camouflaged Tau (H-8)

Author: Hangar-8 (Submitted by Hangar-8)
Category: Tau
Version: 1.1 Size: 14MB
Description: Hangar-8's full set of camouflaged Tau, along with his less team colourable Kroot (so they look more natural and don't turn out such vibrant and/or neon shades!)

The skin gives all Tau units camouflage armour, and makes the skin of the Kroot less team colourable. Kroot quills are still fully teamcolourable and so although the bodies will be less vibrant and more subtle, quills can still be extravagant colours!

Download contents: EXE installer file for the Tau/Kroot skins.

Rating: 4.6 from 18 votes (12 comments)
Added: 14/12/2006 Downloads: 2706


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