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First Wave Mod Skins

Author: BrSgt_Burns (Submitted by BrSgt_Burns)
Category: Mod Skins
Version: 1.0 Size: 4.7MB
Description: A collection of Work-In-Progress skins for the First Wave mod. These skins modify the Space Marine textures

The "First Wave" mod makes armies smaller (close to 1500pts of Table Top) and changes the way that games are begun. The following skins are new in the Mod for the Space Marines, and are being made available by BrSgt_Burns for people who want to use them without using the mod.

File contents: .WTP files for the Force Commander, Librarian, Servitor, Dreadnought (not currently shown), Terminator and Space Marine.

These files use the Winter Assault style Space Marines with fixed red eyes and eye/trim 2 coloured tactical markings.

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Added: 26/10/2005 Downloads: 718


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