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Halved and Quartered Marines Mod

Author: IBBoard (Submitted by IBBoard)
Category: Mods
Version: 1.0 Size: 3.6KB
Description: A combining mod that lets you run both the Halved and Quartered Marines mod at the same time in Dark Crusade and have both texture sets fighting along side normal Space Marines.

This mod contains the few files required to run the Halved and Quartered Marines at the same time. The existing AI was designed so that this could be done with the minimum of changes.

While this could have been done using different means by anyone who already had the mod, this is the 'official' combination of the mods and as such should be compatible with other people who are using the combination mod.

Note: This is not a complete Halved and Quartered Marine mod. You must have installed both mods first for this mod to work correctly.

File contents: .module file and main menu model override to combine the mods, plus readme and .bat file.

Rating: 0.0 from 0 votes (0 comments)
Added: 24/11/2007 Downloads: 706


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