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Lamenters Mod

Author: Telboy007 (Submitted by Telboy007)
Category: Mods
Version: 0.4 Size: 10MB
Description: A simple mod that replaces the Blood Ravens texture in the original campaign with Space Marines from the Lamenters Chapter. Now available for Dawn of War and Winter Assault.

Note: A newer version of this mod is now available.

From the author:

This started off as an experiment using IBBoard's new Texture Tool to change army colour schemes in single player missions.

At the moment it allows you to play the original DoW campaign in a different colour scheme (similar to the Black Templar campaign mod) and includes the Mission Editor tutorial campaign found on the RDN Wiki.

The mod will hopefully grow over time; intergrating units that Medes and co are working on and include a new campaign based on events on the Eastern Fringe.

What's included in the mod:

  • RTX files for the Space Marine race.
  • Amended W40k.ucs file which reads Lamenter(s) instead of Blood Raven(s)
  • Amended SCAR missions files (from the original DoW campaign) - contains one extra line of code to change the colour scheme from Blood Ravens to Lamenters.
  • The army painter has been expanded to show more units for Space Marines.
  • The Mission Editor campaign tutorial files (fixed) from the RDN DoW Wiki.
  • Medes' models: Force Commander and Veteran Marines.

As well as replacing all of the textures, this mod also replaces all of references to Blood Ravens in the text with Lamenters (in the English version of the game). The one minor limitation is that the characters will still say "Blood Ravens" in the voice-overs.

The Lamenters badge, banner and teamcolour have been made available and used thanks to Hangar-8.

File contents: RAR file containing installer executable to install the Lamenters mod for Dawn of War and Winter Assault.

Rating: 0.0 from 0 votes (0 comments)
Added: 12/04/2006 Downloads: 289


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