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Tau badges

Author: IBBoard (Submitted by IBBoard)
Category: Badges and Banners
Version: 1.2 Size: 36KB
Description: A set of Tau Sept badges for all seventeen of the First, Second and Third Phase Colonies. The pack was designed for use with the Dark Crusade expansion pack.

These badges were created following the inspiration of the Tau articles in Games Workshop's White Dwarf magazines and the fact that Adonis has made a set of Tau textures that take custom badges. Luigi the vorpal hamster also gave me a bit of a nudge to get the pack made.

This pack is identical to the 1.1 version, except that it is resized to better fit on Adonis' custom badge textures.

This pack contains badges for the following Sept's:

  • T'au
  • Tau'n
  • D'yanoi
  • Bork'an
  • Dal'yth
  • Fal'shia
  • Vior'la
  • Sa'cea
  • Au'taal
  • N'dras
  • Ke'lshan
  • Elsy'eir
  • Tash'var
  • Vash'ya
  • T'olku
  • Ksi'm'yen
  • Fi'rios

Banners for all of the colonies will be added in later packs.

File contents: seventeen badges for the Tau Septs plus a readme.

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Added: 22/12/2006 Downloads: 910


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