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Team Colourable Necrons

Author: HorusHeretic (Submitted by HorusHeretic)
Category: Necrons
Version: 1.0 Size: 15MB
Description: A full set of alternate team colourable Necron textures, including colourable buildings.

From the author:

I have made all the buildings primary with a few secondary parts. As the buildings are mostly large surface areas this would be more appropriate and shouldn't look weird when having other colours as secondary.

Heres what i changed for the troops:

  • Warriors: made the head and body secondary and the shoulders are now primary
  • Immortals: made shoulders and head secondary shoulders primary. the trims are now trim if they weren't before.
  • Pariahs: just switched secondary with primary.
  • Wraiths: the shoulders are primary, rest of body is secondary, the spikes on the back are primary.
  • Flayed Ones: switched primary with secondary.
  • All Destroyers: made the pelvis secondary, shoulders primary and head secondary.
  • Attack Scarabs: made legs secondary.
  • Monolith is primary to match the HQ.
  • Necron Lord: body and head secondary.
  • Tomb Spyder: head is now trim 2

Probably more changes, but I can't remember.

File contents: WTP files for all Necron units and buildings, plus readme file.

Rating: 5.0 from 1 votes (0 comments)
Added: 16/11/2006 Downloads: 1884


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