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Angels Bone Space Marines by IBBoard (4 comments)

By Guest on 04/08/2005 (Rating: 4):
Team Name: Sons Of The Emperor or (if u havnt already got a team called it) the White Consults. either that or something with the word 'pure' in it because white is usually percieved as pure... now u got me thinking...

how about: The Pure Mists

By Guest on 18/01/2006 (Rating: 5):
if you have a look in the dark angels codex it shows you other space marine chapters made from the same gene seed angels of redemption angels of vengance and angels of absolution this paint scheme is exactly the same as the angels of absolution why not make that the name for them

Reply from IBBoard: It's close to the Angels of Absolution, but the Angels of Absolution have dark, probably black, backpacks and don't have the green trim on the shoulder. For now, it can stay as the Angels Bone :)

By Guest on 26/09/2006 (Rating: 5):
WTF is this!?!?! This is my chapter!!! I created this chapter from scratch about 4 months ago, my Angels of Bone, a Dark Angel successor chapter!!! Who in the hell is ripping me off?!?!

Reply from IBBoard: No one is 'ripping you off'. As you can see from the early ID number of the download and the submission date (1st February 2005) this download has been available for nearly 20 months.

As the description says, I randomly found the scheme while playing with the army painter, I thought it looked like the Angels of Absolution, but it wasn't quite the same, and so I went for the most obvious name based on the predominant colour.

I'm sorry if you find this upsetting/annoying, but this is a completely independant creation that pre-dates your own work, and as such can in no way be considered a rip off.

By Guest on 22/08/2015 (Rating: N/A):
I'll expand onto the "pure" suggestion of the first comment sand suggest this: Angels of Purity.


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