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Golden Eagle Space Marines by Hangar-8 (4 comments)

By Guest on 02/08/2006 (Rating: 5):
Once again, great work Hangar-8!

By Guest on 11/11/2006 (Rating: 4):
yer 1 thing with these skins is that you should make the gun colour fixed black so u can colour the eyes because green eyes dont go with dark angles or any other green based armys. i hope you get this and fix it, it would make the skins 5/5, oh ur lucky because there soo good im keeping them besides the fact of the eyes.

By Guest on 24/02/2007 (Rating: 5):

By Guest on 21/09/2008 (Rating: 5):
i like this mof very much it suits the space marines since those eagles meant to be gold h8 how for eg play as blood ravens is brown or whatever now it suits them well


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