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Halved Marines Mod by IBBoard (5 comments)

By Guest on 07/11/2005 (Rating: 5):
This is an excellent mod. Now you can have excellent matches with Half marines vs. regular marines. And no colour problems!

By Guest on 22/11/2005 (Rating: 5):
Can you still paly online? Can others see the colours?

Reply from IBBoard: Yes, you can still play online, just as long as your opponent (or opponents) also has the mod installed. As for seeing the colours, yes of course they can! That was the whole reason for making it into a mod - so that the opponent could also see Halved Marines.

By Guest on 11/12/2005 (Rating: 5):
It's great be able to have almost any Space Marine chapter looking correct, without having to switch back and forth. Now the Ultramarines can fight alongside the Omega Marines. I love that.

By Guest on 30/01/2006 (Rating: N/A):
hi im stuck downloading it can u download it on two the tau mod???

Reply from IBBoard: 'Stuck downloading it'? Download it on 'two' the Tau mod? This comment makes little/no sense.

Mods must be run individually, unless someone gains permission from both mod teams to create a combined mod. Even then, there is no guarantee that a combined mod will not have conflicts.

Vote nulled.

By Guest on 13/02/2006 (Rating: N/A):
Where do i put the.rar file? It's a texture so I looked for a texture folder but there are loads. Where's this file meant to go to make it work ?

Reply from IBBoard: The comment form is not for any form of support. The comment form is for commenting on and rating downloads. If you have questions or require support with installing a skin or mods then please contact me.

Also, this is a Mod, not just a skin, and like all files from IBBoard it contains a readme. Please read the readme as it will give you installation instructions. Alternatively, the FAQ answers most frequently asked questions.


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