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UberPainter Mod for Soulstorm by IBBoard (6 comments)

By Guest on 28/03/2008 (Rating: 5):
Very good version

By Guest on 09/05/2008 (Rating: 5):
lovi'n diz game much more

By Guest on 29/05/2008 (Rating: N/A):
Dunnoe how to get this to run ><

By Guest on 09/03/2011 (Rating: N/A):
This is c***...I can't get it to bloody work...I download it and then nothing happens !

Reply from IBBoard:

  1. Comments are not a good place for complaints. If you have a real problem then contact us with specifics
  2. It works fine for lots of other people who have downloaded it without complaint, so it should be fine
  3. There is a readme in the file. Make sure you follow it and say exactly what doesn't work and after which step it happened.

By Guest on 23/09/2014 (Rating: 5):
Awesome and thank you for making and keeping this up and running , I am still playing it and enjoying these games after all these years, You rock!!

By Guest on 29/04/2015 (Rating: 4):
VERY good and usefull 'cause you see what everything looks like when painting not just 2 or 3 soldiers


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