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Mod and Texture Mod FAQs

Questions and answers about IBBoard's "Textures as a Race" mods, plus other related mods

Do these Mods mean that my Howling Griffons/Novamarines/Angels of Redemption/other chapter can fight alongside normal chapters?

Yes. As long as you select either "Halved Space Marines" or "Quartered Space Marines" as your race when joining a game, then all of your Space Marines will use the Halved or Quartered texture while any Space Marines from the normal Space Marine race will use the original textures.

How do I use the Mods in languages other than English?

Some mods are only distributed with text for the English locale. This is normally because the Mod author has too little or no knowledge of the other languages. This is true of v1.0 of the Halved Marines Mod and the Quartered Marines Mod, plus the UberPainter Army Painter Mods.

There are two ways to get the text in another language. The first is to copy [mod_folder_name]/data/locale/English and rename the new copy to the name of your normal locale. This will show the standard English text from the mod.

The other alternative is to perform the step above and then translate the .UCS file into your local language. The best tool to do this with is Notepad, as it maintains the required special characters at the start of the file. Many mods would also greatly appreciate the help in translating their mod into other languages.

I've downloaded a file and it says it needs to be put within the 'Dawn of War installation folder'. Where is this?

The 'Dawn of War installation folder' is the location that you installed the Dawn of War game to. The most common location for the original CD and DVD-based installation is C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War\, although some people may have installed Dawn of War to another location.

If you are playing Dark Crusade then you will need to install to C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade\, or whichever alternate folder you installed the game to.

If you have installed the games through Steam then it will use a different directory. Right-click on the game in the Steam interface, click Properties, click the "Local Files" tab and then click "Browse Local Files…" to find the installation folder.

Note: This is only the base directory. Files will go in a folder below this - see more.

These "Texture Mods" sounds great. When will they be released?

The mods have already been released, initially for Dawn of War v1.3, then a patch for v1.4/Winter Assault, then a Dark Crusade version.

The Dark Crusade version also has an additional mod that combines the Halved and Quartered Marines Mod to allow Vanilla, Halved and Quartered Marine chapters to be playable at the same time.

For downloads, please see the Dawn of War Mods download section.

What are these "Texture Mods"?

Although you can add and replace textures in Dawn of War, some people do not like the idea of all players of that race using one texture. This is especially true of textures like the Halved Space Marines and the Quartered Space Marines.

The only work around to this issue is to create the Halved Marines and Quartered Marines as a separately playable race, and this is what the "Texture Mods" do - they add a new 'race' that is identical to the Space Marines except in texture. These races are playable in both Skirmish mode and in multiplayer games.

Will my enemy see the new textures with the Texture Mods?

Yes! Unlike with normal WTP files, where they only apply to the local view, the fact that these textures are a Mod means that anyone you play against must have the Mod installed and so will definately see your textures.


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