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52nd Colth Mobilized

Author: DarkRaptor (Submitted by DarkRaptor)
Category: Army Schemes
Version: 1.1 Size: 21KB
Description: An Imperial Guard scheme for a custom Regiment created by DarkRaptor for a story. The pack contains a variety of colours for the different regiment deployments.

From the author:

Lemme explain a little bit about them:

In the 40K Universe the planet of Colth was a barren uninhabitable planet, but the Emperor, who was still walking amongst his people, is said to have touched the land and two months later the planet was made habitable. After this the first Terran colony on Colth was formed, soon it began to grow, first into a fortress world then in to a much larger industrial world. Soon the people of Colth spread out into the system colonizing each planet even making them certain worlds. Colth Prime is the central hub of this system, Colth 2 and Colth Tri were designated Forge Worlds, and Colth Beta was made in to the Colth Naval Shipyards, they produced and trained all of Colth’s Imperial Navy units and personnel.

Because from a distance Colth looks blue and grey they made them their own colours, and for generations they remained loyal to the Emperor. During the Heresy the majority of front line Imperial forces that went to the Emperor’s aid and aided other Imperial Guard and Space Marines where Colthians, amongst them the 52nd, then named the Infantry Battalion, their training made them battle ready.

Too late to save the Emperor after his battle with Horus they helped lay the Emperor with in the Golden Throne, back at Colth Prime the word of the Emperor's defeat hit hard, their saviour was near death. They did their best but soon to mourn their loss they changed their once blue and grey colours to dark grey, which they still wear to this day.

File contents: three badges, one banner and eight .teamcolour files (adding 'Pre-Heresy' and 'Jungle' to the original set).

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Added: 14/02/2006 Downloads: 866


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