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Aspect Warriors

Author: Sandwichwarrior (Submitted by Sanwichwarrior)
Category: Eldar
Version: 1.0 Size: 2.9MB
Description: True-to-fluff Aspect Warriors for single player games and improved team-colourable Aspect Warriors for multiplayer games

Note: An updated version of the Aspect Warriors skin has now been released by Sandwichwarrior

From the author: "As the serious fluffheads will tell you the skins for the eldar aspect warriors are not kosher. An Aspect Warrior's first allegance is to his shrine and associated Phoenix Lord, the Craftworld comes second. This skin pack adds the appropriate shrine colors and heraldry to all aspect warriors in single and multiplay.

Contents: .WTP and .RSH files for Warp Spider, Howling Banshee and Dark Reaper Aspect Warriors and Exarches."

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Added: 26/05/2005 Downloads: 849


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