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Black Templars Initiate and Neophyte

Author: MadMaffMan (Submitted by MadMaffMan)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 1.0 Size: 1.4MB
Description: A new texture to accompany the release of the Black Templars, but which works for any crusading army.

From the author:

These are skins for the Crusading Chapter of Space Marines called the Black Templar's, the Initiates armour has had real Litanies added to the right pauldron, right greave and left knee pad. He also sports two purity seals as well. The Neophyte has had his bionic eye removed so that he looks more in keeping with the current TT models. Both have also had small touch-ups to various areas as well.

Death to the Heretic…

File Contents: .WTP for Space Marines and Assault Space Marines, plus readme file.

Rating: 5.0 from 7 votes (4 comments)
Added: 25/01/2006 Downloads: 5676


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