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Camouflage pattern

Author: Sandwichwarrior (Submitted by Sandwichwarrior)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 2.0 Size: 831KB
Description: Some still see it as almost heretical and against the teachings of the Codex, but some new chapters still use camouflage patterns to hide themselves on the battlefield.

Sandwichwarrior has recently got back into playing with Space Marine's through Compiler's amazing Rhino mod, and so decided to re-visit his first ever Dawn of War texture.

Changes in this file:

  • Two tone Camouflage pattern using primary and secondary colors Added to Space Marines, Sargents, and Assault Marines
  • Imperial Eagles are now gold with a "bleached bone" skull as befits an emblem of the Imperium
  • Adds checkerboard pattern to right knee that changes with weapon, and trim
  • minor adjustments to gun textures
  • "Tactical Arrow" on right shoulder set to trim color
  • Trim added to backpack vents
  • ReSkinned Sergeant giving him hair and stubble

Download contents: readme, .wtp files for Space Marines (including assault troops and sergeants)

Rating: 5.0 from 2 votes (1 comments)
Added: 30/06/2005 Downloads: 4174


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