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Chaos Space Marine texture

Author: Chopsuey (Submitted by Chopsuey)
Category: Chaos
Version: 1.0 Size: 522KB
Description: A new texture for Chaos Space Marines that adds more colours to the face and shins.

(quoted directly from Chopsuey) "just realesed my first go at texturing just adds more colour really to the face and shins".

Chaos Space Marine texture by Chopsuey

Download contents: .wtp files for normal Chaos Space Marines.

Note: This download does not contains a readme file. Please check our Using Skins FAQ for details on where to install the skin to.

Note two: This download has been broken for a while as Chopsuey removed the file from his site, but it has now been fixed as of 5th December 2006.

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Added: 31/05/2005 Downloads: 2157


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