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Command-line SGA Extractor

Author: IBBoard (Submitted by IBBoard)
Category: Skinning and Modding Resources
Version: 1.1 Size: 71KB
Description: Built on the .Net library created for and used by the original Halved Marine Mod and Quartered Marine Mod installers, this tool lets you extract and hex-edit files from any SGA archive from the command prompt. Very useful as part of an installer to keep download sizes down.

This tool can be used to easily extract:

  • Single files
  • All files in a folder
  • All files in a folder folders and its subfolders
  • All files of a certain type in a folder
  • All files of a certain type in a folder and its subfolders
  • All of the above with auto-magic hex-editing
  • A full archive
  • All of the above to a new location (or a newly named file in the case of a single file)

Instructions for the use of the tool can be found in the readme or by using the '/?' and '/? usage' command-line parameters.

The 'auto-magic hex-editing' is very useful when creating new races. It can easily be used to extract all of the WHMs, WHEs and RSH files for the Space Marines and convert them into edited versions that are suitable for a cloned race that doesn't experience colour bleed (as was used in the Halved and Quartered Marine mods)

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed bug where recursive extraction wouldn't hex-edit lower levels
  • Fixed potential (unreported) bug in extraction of single file to a folder path containing no slashes
  • Added improved output (notification of each file)
  • Added ability to log to output file
  • Improved structure of parameter checking to simplify maintenance

Rating: 5.0 from 1 votes (1 comments)
Added: 28/01/2006 Downloads: 1491


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