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Crystalking's Army Painter

Author: Crystalking52 (Submitted by Crystalking52)
Category: Mods
Version: 1.0 Size: 4MB
Description: Crystalking's version of an Army Painter Mod for Winter Assault, featuring altered models that show some of the units with more representative weapons.

Feature list from the author:

  • All units for all races listed
  • Certain model's animations fixed (see credits)
  • Some units renamed to better fit them

    Units renamed: Space Marine, Assault Marine, Terminator, Assault Terminator, Scout Marine, Rhino, Khorne Bezerker, Tzeentch Horror, Bloodthirster, Chaos Lord, Chaos Sorcerer, Farseer, Big Mek, Warboss, General, Commissar Command Squad, Psyker Command Squad, Priest Command Squad, Thunderhawk.

    Original names: Space Marine Squad, Assault Marine Squad, Terminator Squad, Assault Terminator Squad, Scout Marine Squad, Rhino Transport, Khorne Bezerkers, Horror Squad, Bloodthirster, Greater daemon of Khorne, Chaos Lord (Commander Unit), Chaos Sorcerer (Commander Unit), Farseer (Commander Unit), Big Mek (Commander Unit), Warboss (Commander Unit), Command Squad, Commissar, Psyker, Priest, Civilian.

  • 2 extra colors added (Skull White and Chaos Black)

Animation change list from the author's credits:

Force Commander with his Daemon Hammer, Tankbusta with his Rokkit Launcha, Raptor with both his bolt pistol and chainsword, Banshee Exarch with her Executioner, Fire Dragon with his Fusion Gun, the Seer Council Warlock with his Witchblade, Vyper with it's Rocket Launcher, Field Command Commissar with his Power Fist and Field Command Priest with his Eviscerator.

This mod only contains an English localisation. For more information on how to convert it to other languages, please read the How do I use the Mods in languages other than English? FAQ question.

Rating: 4.3 from 6 votes (2 comments)
Added: 21/07/2006 Downloads: 1788


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