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Dawn of War Texture Tool

Author: IBBoard (Submitted by IBBoard)
Category: Skinning and Modding Resources
Version: 1.4 Size: 89KB
Description: An updated version of the new texture compiler and extractor that is fully compatible with all WTP files, RSH files and RTX files. It also compiles a single team coloured TGA file from a WTP, converts DDS files to TGA files and has initial TGA to DDS conversion capabilities!

Note: A newer version of the Texture Tool is now available.

This Texture Tool is fully featured with regard to compiling or extracting texture files for Dawn of War. Any skin file from the game or the expansion packs, including those such as the Space Marines Scouts that were not normally compilable with Beroc's WTP Tool, should be extractable and compilable.

With this improved tool, you no longer need to resize non-square textures before compiling them (so badges on the textures will remain at their original proportions) and you can also recompile any of the race's banner textures. A badge and banner can also both be included on the same texture.

The tool also allows you to extract and compile RSH files without having to use two tools, and is the first stand-alone tool to handle RTX files.

Features in this version:

  • Compile and extract WTP textures
  • Compile and extract RTX textures
  • Compile and extract RSH textures
  • Compile RSH files with additional channels (Self-Illumination and Specularity/Reflection)
  • Create composite TGA image with teamcolouring
  • Convert DDS files to TGA files
  • Convert TGA files to DDS files (Note: MipMap creation still needs improvement)
  • Allow compiling and extracting of multiple files at once
  • Select and import teamcolouring, badge and banner
  • Preferences for texture, badge, banner and teamcolour starting folders.

Changes and fixes in this version:

  • Added ability to include Self-Illumination and Reflection/Specularity maps
  • Added ability to select a badge from anywhere, rather than just specified Dawn of War badge/banner folder
  • Added full DDS->TGA conversion
  • Added partial TGA->DDS conversion
  • Added confirmation when overwriting files (with "Yes/No to all" options)
  • Fixed a bug with RSH extraction when the RSH had self illumination or reflection/specularity maps
  • Removed dependancy on the library wrapper for OpenIL

Later versions will include more channels (as soon as Relic releases example files using them), full TGA to DDS conversion and support for DXT3 DDS files (if Relic ever release any textures using them).

Note: this application requires an implementation of v1.1 of the .Net framework (e.g. Mono or the Microsoft .Net Framework)

The following screenshots will be updated to show the minor interface change soon.

File contents: Dawn of War Texture Tool and readme.

Note: This download was updated on the 22nd July to Release 2 due to a bug that caused an unhandled error in the Options window.

Rating: 3.8 from 4 votes (3 comments)
Added: 17/07/2006 Downloads: 1062


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